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Our nature friendly farm


We farm in a way which is productive but also sustainable and good for nature. We run a low input, low output, low impact system that is sensitive to environment and wildlife.


We are passionate about building biodiversity to ensure our farm is bursting with wildlife. Over half of our farm is farmed under an Agri-Environmental Climate Scheme which supports and protects endangered lapwing, curlew and snipe which are all critically endangered wading birds.

We have invested in additional fencing and sustainable drainage systems to reduce agricultural run-off from the farm to help improve water quality at Threipmuir reservoir and the neighbouring SSSI designated Bavelaw Marsh. The reservoir supports a colony of black-headed gulls and is an important breeding area for little grebe, great crested grebe, tufted duck and teal. Whooper swan, golden eye, teal, pink-footed and greylag geese all overwinter here. 


Our low input system focuses on matching the peak nutritional demands of our stock with peak grass growth to maximise natural forage on farm and minimise the need for bought in feed. Our sheep graze herbal leys with diverse swards which improves soil health and reduces the need for added fertiliser. Careful grazing management preserves the biodiversity in our species-rich hill ground. Pockets of native broad leaf trees provide nature corridors across our farm.


We have planted over 100,000 trees in a forestry scheme that contributes towards Scotland's climate change targets. We participate in a number of innovative projects to analyse carbon emissions and carbon capture and storage in pasture to help us and the farming industry as a whole get to net-zero emissions.

Our delicious and nutritious lamb proves that healthy food, farming and nature all go hand in hand.

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Join the Nature Friendly Farming Network

We are part of the Nature Friendly Farming Network, a movement of farmers, environmentalists and countryside workers who are passionate about building a sustainable, productive future for farming and nurturing a healthy nature-friendly planet. If you’re passionate about keeping our countryside bursting with wildlife, and want to support farmers on that mission, please support us by signing up.

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This business receives funding under the Young Farmers Start-Up Grant Scheme. The fund, supported by the European Union and administered by the Scottish Government under the Scottish Rural Development Programme, is used to help with many of the costs associated with starting up an agricultural business.

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