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Welcome to Farmworx; the new farm-based group circuits class that gets you fit fast

Farmworx combines the latest exercise theory with everyday functional movements to create a unique, challenging and fun metabolic circuits class.

Using a combination of muscle building strength exercises and calorie torching conditioning intervals you will increase your body’s cardiovascular fitness and build a strong lean athletic body.


As well as using barbells, dumbbells and body weight exercises we add some extra challenges into your workout using everyday farm objects: flipping tractor tyres, hurdling hay bales, carrying buckets or heaving rocks.

With jaw-dropping views of the Pentland Hills to inspire you, your farm session will get you out of the city and reconnect you to the great outdoors. But no-one enjoys push-ups in a puddle, so we have spacious, well-lit barn for wintery days.


You will workout in teams to push each other through this fun, effective and rewarding total body workout.


Come and train with us. 

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Why you need Farmworx...

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Boost your metabolism
There’s a common misconception that you need to do huge amounts of cardio to reduce body fat. Latest research proves that you will burn more calories overall from a shorter period of high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts than with long slow duration cardio. This is why HIIT workouts are one of the fastest growing classes in the industry.  HIIT combines short periods of intensive effort followed by a short recovery period which has been proven to be fantastic for calorie burning. The effects last long after your workout is finished; a benefit known as “afterburn”.

Build muscle to tone up

Looking for a lean toned athletic look? To ‘tone up’ means two things, a reduction in body fat levels, and an increase in muscular definition. Put simply, if you want your body to “change shape” your need resistance training. Also, the greater your lean muscle mass the quicker your metabolism and the more calories you burn, even at rest, which helps reduce your body fat levels.  

Good health

Sadly, as we age, we start to lose muscle unless we actively use our muscles in resistance workouts to maintain our muscle mass. We all know about 5-a-day and but did you know that the NHS also prescribes two strength-based workouts a week just to maintain good health. Also weight-bearing exercise, i.e. when you exercise supporting your whole body weight such as running and resistance training (not swimming and cycling), is essential to maintaining a strong skeleton and reduce risk of osteoporosis. 

Improve your cardiovascular performance
How often do you really push the pace out on a run? It’s easy to just trot around the block ad not really test your cardiovascular system at all. Research shows that VO2 max increases are higher with HIIT workouts compared to the continuous aerobic training.  VO2 max increases are a major goal for fitness enthusiasts as well as those seeking to prevent cardiovascular disease. 

Functional fitness for life

Farmworx sessions include all the basic functional movements we all use everyday; a push, a pull, a hinge, a squat, a lunge, and a carry. By integrating these movements into your exercise routine, real-life activities such as lifting children, carrying shopping bags etc. will be made easier more enjoyable and you will be less likely to pull a muscle or put your back out. 

Correct your posture

Farmworx always includes a corrective exercise to help correct common muscular imbalances created from hours working at computer or driving. Regular training like this can help improve your posture, joint mobility, and reduce soreness derived from a weak upper back, glutes and core. You will leave feeling energised, strong, more mobile and upright.

Boost your mood
When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body and reduce your perception of pain. Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress, ward off anxiety and feelings of depression, boost self-esteem and improve sleep.

Improve athletic performance
If you normally just do steady state cardio, you’re probably just using the aerobic energy system (the long-term system) and slow-twitch muscle fibres. But we have three energy systems. The lactate and creative phosphate systems fuel immediate and short-term energy systems and use fast-twitch muscle fibres. Even during longer distance events, all the systems operate simultaneously in different degrees, depending on the exercise intensity. Including a balanced training system, like Farmworx, that uses all three systems will lead to improvements in maximum oxygen uptake and work efficiency which will be beneficial for those participating in endurance sports such as running, cycling and triathlon events. 

About your instructor

"I’ve always been a keen runner, cyclist, swimmer and gym-goer but when I started farming with my husband at Easter Bavelaw in 2016 I realised that I needed my fitness more than ever. A hard day at the farm has us pushing, pulling, lifting, hoisting, bending, twisting, running and jumping all day long. This kind of manual labour can get you fit in a very functional way. So the idea of Farmworx started to form. I trained as a Personal Trainer to understand how to build safe and effective training programmes using functional movements and our resources at the farm to create a unique workout experience that thumps going to the gym.

I’m passionate about the power of fitness training to help people achieve their potential. By challenging your body and your mind to power through a workout it gives you confidence and resilience to face the other challenges life throws at you. Having a goal, whether than be running 5K, a marathon, a full press up, or a Spartan race, can give a real focus to your training. I can help break it down into achievable goals to get you there. I have 15 years experience of coaching people of all ages to help achieve their entrepreneurial goals in my previous career. Through personal training I get the same satisfaction of helping people overcome hurdles and make their dreams a reality. 

When I’m not farming, parenting or doing Farmworx I focus a lot on nutrition feeding my family healthy, local, farm foods including our own grass fed lamb."

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Becci Barr
Level 3 Personal Trainer |Metabollic Circuits CPD | Gym Based Boxing CPD| Registered practitioner with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA)


Farmworx classes not only help get your heart beating and blood pumping but, through your charitable donation, can also help do the same for others suffering with heart disease. The BHF has helped halve the number of people dying from heart and circulatory disease in the UK.  I'd be so grateful for your support. Let beat heartbreak forever. 

Thanks for visiting my JustGiving fundraising page.

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