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An economical way to buy meat, this box is the best value for money and has a good variety of versatile cuts, large and small joints for roasting, chops, diced lamb for curries and casseroles, plenty of mince for a family shepherd’s pie and burgers, and two racks of lamb. Requires two drawers of most household freezers.

1 x whole shoulder of lamb on the bone
1 x whole leg of lamb
1 x 1/2 shoulder joints on the bone
1 x diced shoulder of lamb
1 x butterflied half leg of lamb
1 x ½ leg of lamb on the bone
1 x rack of lamb
Approximately 8 loin chops on the bone
One double loin rolled roasting joint
1 rear shank and 1 front shank
4 x packs of lamb mince

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Hugh Fearnley -Whittingstall
Campaigner and Chef

“I’ve always said we should be eating less meat, of higher quality, and the highest possible welfare standards ... It’s right for our health, right for the planet and only fair to the millions of farm animals we raise for food.

Jamie Oliver
Campaigner and Chef

"When buying lamb, remember to always buy free-range or organic whenever possible. This means the animal has led a happy and healthy life, often born and reared outdoors in small numbers where it can forage and exercise as nature intended.

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